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The Tourism Industry in Ontario is an integral part of our economic future as we recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. Found in every part of the province, the tourism industry is comprised of operators, suppliers, and facilitators across an array of destinations and sectors across the province, including recreation, attractions, business events and trade shows, sports, resource-based tourism, live events, indigenous, culture and heritage, food and beverage, resorts, and short-term accommodations.

Tourism in Ontario represents more than 400,000 workers and over 200,000 businesses with a provincial GDP contribution of $36 billion. Tourism’s economic impact extends far beyond tourism businesses and workers, benefiting other businesses, industries, communities, and the economy through tax revenue and community infrastructure. The impact of COVID-19 has been devastating for the tourism industry, and although we look to the future with confidence and optimism, we know that our full recovery is far from assured.

On June 2, Ontario will head to the polls to elect a new provincial government. This election will shape Ontario’s economic strategies and we must ensure that every candidate vying for elected office understands the challenges faced by the tourism industry and the limitless opportunities for growth and prosperity if we ensure our recovery is realized throughout the province.

This non-partisan microsite is designed to help us start a conversation with all candidates in every riding, in-person, at meetings and on social media about why #OntarioNeedsTourism

Here’s what you can do to help:

  • Fill in your details and we will send our pre-populated letter and invitation to meet TIAO to all candidates in your riding today.
  • Download our key messages and social media messages to share on your social media accounts.
  • Watch and share the video message from our President and CEO Christopher Bloore about why #OntarioNeedsTourism
  • Download our briefing documents and ask your local candidates questions in-person or online about their commitments to support Ontarians whose livelihoods rely on the tourism industry.

A message from our President and CEO

There has never been a more critical time to talk about the importance of the tourism industry in Ontario. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a catastrophic impact on the tourism industry; an industry that is built on bringing people together, sharing new experiences and travelling near and far, was always going to be one of the hardest hit sectors in our economy.

Please watch this short video from TIAO’s President and CEO, Christopher Bloore, about why we’ve launched the non-partisan #OntarioNeedsTourism campaign during the provincial election and how, with your help, we can ensure that every new and re-elected Member of the Provincial Parliament understands the obstacles that still remain for us to secure our recovery and the integral nature of the tourism industry to our recovery and economic future.

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About TIAO

The Tourism Industry Association of Ontario (TIAO) is recognized by government and industry as the voice of tourism.

At TIAO we work on behalf of our membership, collectively representing 200,000 businesses and 400,000 employees, to take on pressing policy issues that impact the Ontario tourism industry. TIAO leads the way in government relations on behalf of the Ontario tourism industry, including tourism businesses and operators, destination marketing organizations, regional tourism organizations, and educators. We provide evidenced-based policy recommendations to ensure the provincial government understands and addresses the multifaceted needs of the tourism industry.

TIAO propels the powerful and innovative Ontario tourism industry by connecting tourism leaders, innovators, government, and educators through events and conferences. We are proud to host the largest gathering of tourism leaders, educators, businesses, and government officials in Canada, at our annual Ontario Tourism Summit.